XOXO Full Form Name

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XOXO Full Form Name

Full-Form of XOXO:

Hugs and Kisses

XOXO Full Form is Hugs and Kisses. XOXO is a fashionable term for hugs and kisses. It is used to express faith, love, sincerity, or friendship. It is written at the end of an email, or SMS, or written letter. 

There is a dispute as to which letter represents Hugs and Kisses respectively. Well, who cares as long as there is love. If you wish to shower love and affection in abundance in the virtual world, then XOXO is the exact slang for you. It is laced with all the cuteness and love you can ever send to your friend, family, and lover online.

How to use xoxo in a sentence?

The use of the term can be traced back to the Middle ages when there was a prevalent custom of writing X on envelopes or at the end of letters to signify kisses. It is from this custom the term has originated. 

During that time, most people were not literate so an X was placed on the documents with a kiss placed just over it. This was done to show one’s sincerity and faithfulness. On many occasions, the same symbol was also used to indicate a sacred oath. There are doubts as far as origin or O and X is concerned.

One source says that O comes from North America, particularly Jewish whose language was Yiddish. Jewish used O on their letters instead of X. The speculations remain and there is no definite proof as to what claim actually holds true.  So, spread love everywhere. Give your loved one's Hugs and Kisses. Go XOXO all over! Some of the examples relating to the use of the term are as follows:

  • I miss you, granny. XOXO.
  • Write me a letter, Okay. Send my love to everyone. XOXO!

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