What is the Full form of .COM

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What is the Full form of .COM

.COM Full Form 

Full-Form of .COM:


.COM Full Form is Commercial. “.Com” is one of the top-level domain names in the internet domain system. It is also the most popular, most desired, and perhaps the most expensive domain name. Over the years, through its service and popularity, this domain name has become the largest among the generic TLDs (Top-Level Domains). This domain name was first introduced back in 1985. It derived its name from the word commercial.

So, primarily and basically its service was supposed to be limited only to commercial organizations. But since the mid-90s, there have been no restrictions on the registration of this domain name. Earlier, the registration for this domain name was operated by DOD (Department of Defense) of the united states. But later, this authority was handed over to Verisign.

Full-Form of .com in Internet

According to the newest agreement in 2012, Versign will hold this authority until 30th November 2018. As mentioned by Versign, there were 100 million registered .com domain names as per the reports revealed in December 2011. 

The numbers have certainly grown by a huge margin as of now. It is certainly the premier web address acknowledged across the globe. is the first and oldest registered name in this domain. is the most expensive name that is registered under this domain.

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