Full Form of SOS - SOS Meaning in Medical Prescription

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Full Form of SOS

SOS Full Form in Medical

Full Form of SOS :

Save Our Ship (or) Save Our Soul

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SOS Full Form is Save Our Ship or Save Our Soul. There is so much mystery about the SOS full form though most people believe that it is ‘Save Our Ship’ or ‘Save Our Soul’. But what is factual is that SOS does not really have any full form and is just a signal of distress sent to seek help. The reason why this code was chosen to express distress sign is that; it is associated with the Morse code, which is denoted by three dots; three dashes; and three dots in a row, which looks like:

In Morse code, it essentially means, ‘three dits, three dahs, and three dits’. According to the International Morse Code, dits represent ‘S’; dahs represent ‘O’; and dits represents ‘S’.

SOS is the distress code internationally, which is recognized by telecommunications all over the world and is normally used by aircraft and shops. It’s a message to broadcast while in an emergency or a help call. In terms of a modem, SOS is a prosing and is formally written as SOS, it will not be misinterpreted for anything else but help.

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