Full form of PIN, Additional Information of the full form of PIN

Full form of PIN
Full form of PIN

PIN Full Form

Full form of PIN :

Personal Identification Number (or) Postal Index Number

Additional Information :

Full form of PIN is Personal Identification Number. This term refers to the numeric password shared between a system and a user. This is mainly to authenticate the particular user to the system. PIN is mostly used with the banking systems and non-financial systems.

For example, the PIN of your ATM card may come in a secret envelope and that PIN should be known only to you and the ATM system. Also, PIN is entered during various transactions including Internet transactions, logging into the restricted websites, POS transactions, etc.

PIN Full form also refers to Postal Index Number in India. This refers to the 6-digit number system used by the Indian Postal Department. PIN is found in the address of postal documents like letters, envelopes, etc. 

The concept of PIN number was first introduced in 1972 and it represents the region of the country to which the letter is sent or received. There are a total of 9 PIN regions in India. PIN helps to sort the letters fast as every city in India is assigned a unique Postal Index Number.

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