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What is the Full Form of LOL

Full Form of LOL :

Laugh out Loud

LOL Full Form is Laugh out Loud. LOL is a very common acronym used as a slang to indicate laughter. It is widely used in internet chatting rooms.

What is the Full Form of LOL

When you use the term LOL while chatting, the person on the opposite side understands that you are indeed laughing loudly. Other expressions of laughter include LOLZ, ROFL, etc. LOL and LOLZ are the same and ROFL indicate Rolling on the Floor Laughing.

These expressions have become a very natural part of conversations in all sorts of media communications and at times even in one-to-one conversations. These expressions are highlighted more with the emoticons and various expressions offered as a part of the applications in all devices.
The huge lists of acronyms are also growing each month and users circulate these throughout the net. There are controversies where some authors are against the usage of such slangs as these are taking away language skills and formal communication skills.

LOL Full Form: Lord of Light (science fiction)

Full-Form of LOL refers to Lord of Light. It is a novel by the American Author Roger Zelazny on science fiction/fantasy, which won the Hugo Award of Best Novel in 1968. It was also nominated for the ‘Nebula Award’, which is of the same category. In 1967, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction published two chapters from Lord of Light as novelettes (a short novel). The novel was intended to be a fictional fantasy on science with a certain degree of ambiguity.

The plot is about a planet, which taken over by few remnants of Earth or ‘vanished Urath’. The colonists and crew from the spaceship ‘Star of India’, find themselves in a very strange planet, which is surrounded by indigenous hostile races. 

They had the choice to either perish or carve out a place for themselves. To survive, they use chemical treatments, electronics and biofeedback to mutate their minds in order to boost their self-images and physical strength. 

They also develop certain technology to transfer the soul of an individual into a new boy through electronic means. The novel encompasses huge spans of time.

Some of the major characters of the story/plot include; Sam – who is one of the main and original colonists belonging to the ‘First’ group; Yama – the God of death who is initially Sam’s enemy but later his chief ally; Kall – The Goddess of destruction, also called as Durga; Tak – a demigod to the world of an ape; Kubera – Yama’s friend; Ratri – Goddess of Night and Kubera’s friend. Minor characters include Jan Olvegg; Rild; Trimurti; Ganesha; Agni; Mara; Nirriti; etc.

Full-Form of LOL: Legend of Legaia (video game)

LOL Full Form stands for Legend of Legaia. It was in 1998, Contrail created the game of Legend of Legaia, which was succeeded by a sequel video game in 2001. Contrail was the Japanese video game developer for Sony Computer Entertainment. The plot of the game goes like this:

The entire game takes place in the ‘Legaia’ world, which is populated by objects known as ‘Seru’ and humans. The objects join humans to make them extra powerful. Both Seru and humans coexist until Seru turns into a monster due to the effects of a mist that covers the world. Seru attacks humans, which is when the game begins. Vahn – the quiet hero; Gala – a warrior monk; and Noa – a feral child; revive 10 Genesis Tress, through Legaia and attempt to destroy the mist that surrounds the world. 

The heroes join together as ‘Ra-Seru’, which makes them as powerful as the Seru but unaffected by the mist. The game ends when the heroes discover the origin of the mist generation and vanquish the same.

The entire game is action-driven, involving the player to become a part of the heroes. The actual gameplay is turn-based. With each turn, the character must input the command and select the appropriate target and confirm the same. Instead of using the ‘Fight’ command to start the attack, the player chooses the location of every attack. “Left’ and ‘Right’ would strike the respective arms and ‘Low’ and ‘High’ commands would strike the heights respectively. 

The number of strikes is influenced by various factors like weapon and level of the game. The Serus and Ra-Serus possess certain basic affinities that influence the effectiveness in various situations of spells.

LOL Full Form: Locks of Love (NGO)

Full-Form of LOL refers to Locks of Love. It is a non-profit, public organization in Canada and the United States, which provides hairpieces to the financially disadvantaged kids under the age of 21, who suffer from hair loss due to any kind of medical or physical condition. Locks of Love serves children with such unique need through donating used hair and creates high-quality cranial prosthesis or hair prosthetics.

The kids who are benefited through LOL had a kind of medical condition which is called ‘alopecia areata’, which does not have any obvious cause neither it has any cure yet. The hair prosthesis process has been helping many children regain their confidence and self-esteem to face their little worlds with peers. The organization has certain donation guidelines to be met in order to donate hair. There are even a few salons that carry Locks of Love decal at their doors and windows and form a part of the national chain.

The NGO does not manufacture any type of hair care products or hair or replacement system. It is strictly based on a charity that seeks help from donors and other means. As long as the hair donated follows the guidelines, anyone can come forward to donate. Dreadlocks are not accepted.

Full-Form of LOL: Land O’ Lakes

LOL Full Form stands for Land O’ Lakes. It is an agricultural cooperative (member-owned), which is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with its prime focus on the dairy industry. Land O’ Lakes, Inc. has over 3600 direct members who are producers, 10,000 employees who take care of process and distribution; and 1000 cooperative members. The products are distributed to over 300,000 agricultural producers, as it handles about 12 billion pounds of milk each year.

LOL takes the third place in the National Cooperative Bank Co-op list of hundreds of cooperatives and mutual. It is one of the biggest producers of cheese and butter in the United States. The cooperative was established in 1921 by a group of representatives from around 320 cooperative creameries. The main objective was to improve the quality of dairy products and market them better to increase the overall profitability of the dairy industry.

The core business includes animal feed, dairy food, products of crop/seed protection, layers/eggs, Business Development Services, etc. Some of the product names in the market include; Land O Lakes, Alpine Lace, Land O’ Lakes Food Service, Kozy Shack, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC, Winfield, etc. A subsidiary of the co-op is based in Hudson, Wisconsin, and is the main arm of transportation, which has its own fleet of about 200 tanker trucks and additional 600 trucks on contract.

LOL Full Form: Lady of the Lake

Full-Form of LOL refers to Lady of the Lake. It is the formal or official name of the mythological characters that played an integral part in the Arthurian Legend. Different writers have given different names to the Arthurian character such as; Vivien; Viviane; Vivian; Ninlanne; Evienne; Ninlanne, and more.

The Tradition: It was the foster-mother of Lancelot who raised him under her lake. She is known for her famous magical sword Excalibur present to King Arthur. King's advisor Merlin had fallen in love with her and taught her the secrets of his mystical powers. The lady eventually became his scribe and lover. However, after she overgrew in power than Merlin, she imprisoned him in a dungeon and stepped into his role. She eventually reclaimed her sword after the Battle of Camlann and hurled back into the misty waters.

However, the modern authors who choose to write Arthurian fiction seem to adapt the legendary character from a different angle by using more than two bearers to the title. There are different versions of LOL in the form of television series, films, novels, comics, games, stage musicals, etc. The origin was probably pagan and the character somehow slightly resembles the sea nymph Thetis, which is a part of Greek mythology. Several locations of Great Britain including Llyn Ogwen; Llyn Llydaw; Dozmary Pool; Loch Arthur; etc. are associated with the abode of the Lady of Lake.

Full Form of LOL: Land of Legends

LOL Full Form stands for Land of Legends. It is an open-air museum, which happens to be the center for HARC or Historical-Archaeological Research and Communication. Earlier known as ‘Lejre Experimental Center, the Land of Legends, which spreads across 106 acres of land in Lejre Municipality, west of Roskilde, is known for its uniqueness and stunningly beautiful museum in the open air. It is a place where history lovers would explore ancient houses, gardens, and landscapes with interesting workshops with men and women from Stone Age performing crafts.

It was an ethnologist named Hans-Ole Hansen, who founded LOL in 1964, which consists of reconstructions of Iron Age village as well as sacrificial bog (200 BC – 200 AD), a Stone Age campsite, Viking market place, and several of those graved monuments and farmstead of the 18th century. Archaeologists from around the globe periodically visit the place to conduct experiments that deal with a wide variety of artifacts and subjects. 

Every summer several families converge at the Land of Legends to spend one week in the farm cottages, Iron Age village, and the campsite of Stone Age. They enjoy dressing up in the ancient costumes and try to use olden techniques to spend the holiday week.

LOL Full Form: Lands of Lore (Game)

Full-Form of LOL refers to Lands of Lore. It is a video game series (role-play) by Westwood Studios, which was published by Virgin Interactive. Lands of Lore or LOL follow Dungeon Master Tradition. However, it launched a storyline, which was linear scenario-based rather than feats and characters. 

There were many versions of games and Lands of Lore produced by Westwood Studios. The popular of them include The Throne of Chaos in 1993; Guardians of Destiny in 1997; and Lands of Lore III in 1999. LOL was a result of the efforts of Westwood in making their own RPG that does not have any D & D restrictions.

The basic story of the games is based on a fantasy realm called ‘The Lands’ and the main realm is Gladstone, where the good and the civilized races are based. The history of the place is segmented into six different periods:
  1. ‘The Unknown Beginning’ – this was when the lands are created
  2. ‘The Golden Age’ – The ancients lived without wars
  3. ‘The War of Heretics’ – The Dark Army was formed and the ancients perished and became a myth. After this, a group called predatory Ruloi formed in Claw Mountains. They accumulated much ancient magic
  4. ‘The Dark Times’ – Typical period of darkness when little states with different races appeared
  5. ‘The Racial Wars’ – Wars between races when few of the races perished. Only 4 were left and they were the Huline, Humans, Thomgog, and Dracoids. They dominated the Lands
  6. ‘Rise of the Dark Army’ – The current period

Full Form of LOL: Land of Leather (company)

LOL Full Form stands for Land of Leather. It was a retail furniture store with its base in Northfleet Kent, United Kingdom, and Ireland. Land of Leather had a great fall during the housing market collapse in the United Kingdom, which cut its demand. The company was founded in 1997 and re-founded in July 2005. It was hugely floated in the LSE or London Stock Exchange with due support from an investment bank. In 2009, it issued a profit warning with a plan to raise 15 million pounds through a share issue.

Subsequently, in January 2009, Land of Leather announced their entry into administration with Nick Edwards and Lee Manning as joint administrators. The organization was totally debt-free but was not able to have additional funds. Later towards the end of January 2009, the company announced the closure of 33 stores it owned with the remaining 76 stores to continue.

The ‘Likewise’ sofas of the company were manufactured in China and these had ‘mold-inhibiting’ DMF chemical in the form of sachets. This caused a huge issue of ‘toxic sofa’, as more than 300 customers suffered from rashes on the use of the ‘Likewise’ sofas. Since it was a legal issue, the Zurich Financial Services with whom the company had the insurance policy, refused to pay claiming that the company has breached policy and terms. This issue brought down the reputation of the company.

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Lucifer Our LordReligion
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