Full Form of SSC, Additional Information of the full form of SSC

Full Form of SSC, Additional Information of the full form of SSC
Full Form of SSC, Additional Information of the full form of SSC


Full Form of SSC :

Staff Selection Commission

SSC Full Form is the Staff Selection Commission of India. SSC is a government organization that takes care of staff recruitment for different posts in different departments as well as the subordinate offices.

Since its establishment in the year 1975, SSC has been recruiting for the Group B posts and Group C technical positions in various ministries in India.

SSC also conducts public exams every now and then to recruit people for large vacancies that exist for various positions. Some of them include; Auditors, Jr. Accountants, Divisional Accountants, Upper Division Clerks, Income Tax Inspectors, Stenographer, and more. Some of the posts like Storekeeper, Technical Assistants, Information Assistant, etc. have direct interviews through advertisements.
Though SSC restricts the age limit for eligible candidates between 18 and 27, it also provides lenience and age flexibility for SC/ST, divorced women, widows, ex-servicemen, government candidates, and their heirs.

SSC Full Form: Secondary School Certificate

Full Form of SSC stands for Secondary School Certificate. It refers to the public exam conducted in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. As the name implies, Secondary School Certificate is the exam that completes the secondary education of students. Typically, SSC is equivalent to the 10th grade and similar to the GCSE of England. In India, SSC is a very significant exam in a student’s life and is also termed as the ‘10th Board Exam’, as it is a public exam, which is conducted by the different boards of curriculum present in India. This includes CBSE, CISCE, and State board. Currently, CBSE has made this public or board exam of 10th as an optional one for the student. A student may or may not choose to take the board exam.
Regarding the procedure of SSC, the exam is organized by the State Boards of Examination at the State level. At the National level, it is organized by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination or CISCE. Each year students who are undertaking their X grade undergo these exams. However, the syllabus varies based on the education board. 
SSC exam takes place anywhere between March and April and the respective board's release schedules one month prior to the exam and provides students with sufficient study holidays. The results are normally declared in May or June each year.

Full Form of SSC: Short Service Commission

SSC Full Form refers to the Short Service Commission. It is one of the options to join the Indian Army out of the two, which include; Short Service Commission and permanent commission (PC). In general, the Indian Army provides the option of joining their services for 10 years as a Commissioned Officer. This period can, however, be extended up to 14 years after which a candidate can opt to be a PC or just opt-out. So, if an officer is not selected or eligible for the PC, he or she can opt to extend the service for a maximum of 4 years.
SSC enables officers to develop planning skills, think analytically, and develop administrative and organizational abilities. This in immensely opens up various career options at the completion of the SSC period. Every candidate who opts and is selected for SSC has to undergo training in the Officers Training Academy.
To get selected in SSC, candidates have to take a written exam, which would be followed by an interview and medical checkup. However, if an officer is a law or engineering graduate, the written exam can be bypassed and the candidate is eligible to attend the interview directly. 
Even NCC candidates who have obtained the Senior Division with a ‘C’ certificate and have at least a ‘B’ grade, he or she is eligible for the direct interview of the Short Service Commission. Here the application process would be through the zonal Head Quarters or NCC Branch Head Quarters or through Recruiting Directorate. The entire training lasts for 49 weeks, which helps to broaden the perspectives and widen the horizon of the candidates.

SSC Full Form: Swedish Space Corporation

Full Form of SSC refers to the Swedish Space Corporation. It is an all-inclusive space company, which has been helping various space organizations, research organizations, and companies, with appropriate access to space for the past 40 years. Swedish Space Corporation has been a global provider for all kinds of satellite management services. The company develops subsystems or comprehensive application of aerospace and also provides launch services for balloons and rockets. SSC group has several individualized companies that have extensive experience and are leaders in the relevant fields.

SSC provides the following services:

  • Satellite Management: With a huge network of partner stations and SSC stations, SSC offers the best satellite communication and operation services.
  • Science: Development of balloon and rocket systems, experiment modules, as well as launching from Esrange Space Center.
  • Engineering: Complete customer support throughout the mission including procurement, studies, management, etc.
  • Miniaturized Systems: Range of novel products, which are based on MEMS technology.
  • Aerospace Services: Testing of flights for spacecraft and aircraft in Northern Europe.
  • Green Propulsion: SSC’s subsidiary ECAPS offers complete propulsion systems using high performance, green propellant.
PrioraNet is the global ground station of SCC, in which the Universal Space Network of the US subsidiary plays a huge role.

Full Form of SSC: Superconducting Super Collider

SSC Full Form refers to Superconducting Super Collider. Also nicknamed as Desetron, Superconducting Super Collider is a particle accelerator complex, which is under construction in Waxahachie, Texas. The ringed circumference was about 87 km with the world’s most energetic and largest, which has an energy measure of 20 TeV/portion. The first projector director of SSC was Dr. Louis Lanniello. The project was terminated due to budget issues in 1993.
The first formal discussion of the system took place in December 1976 at the National Reference Designs Study, which scrutinized the economic and technical feasibility of a tool with capacity and design for 20 TeV / portion. The SSC project found huge support from the proposer/architect and Nobel Prize winner of physics – Leon Lederman and was endorsed around 1983.

After several heated arguments between the Congress and supporters regarding the cost of the project, which was estimated to be approximately $4.4 billion, the project was canceled on 21 October 1993 after spending $2 billion. Poor management, many factories, and critics played their part in the cancellation of the project. After the cancellation of the SSC project, scientists and supporters published books and articles on how the project was necessary. The end of SSC had a mild recession effect, as the project had advanced to a certain extent.

SSC Full Form: Shelby Super Cars

Full Form of SSC stands for Shelby SuperCars. It is the former name for SSC North America. It is an automobile manufacturer in America, which was founded in 1999 by Jerod Shelby. The company is based in Washington and as the name suggests, it specializes in sorts car production. It is said to be the true representation of the American dream. The main objective of creating SSC is to create world-class sports cars, which materialized in the year 2007 with the production of Ultimate Aero. This is a major accomplishment, which took place in the Guinness World Records.
SSC is considered as a high competition for world leaders like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, etc. SSC Aero had a twin-turbocharged B8s with pushrod engine. In July 2008 SSC announced the opening of its showroom in Dubai. 
In August 2008, there was a ‘rivalry’ between Bugatti and Shelby to acquire the ‘World’s fastest’ title, which made a noise in the news. In July 2011, SSC announced the launch of its next-generation sports model named Tuatara. This car uses V8 engine and is said to give an output of between 1350 hp and 1700 hp. Finally, in 2012, Shelby SuperCars changed its name to SSC North America.

Full Form of SSC: Sulfide Stress Cracking

SSC Full Form stands for Sulfide Stress Cracking. It is the cracking of metals under the amalgamation of corrosion and tensile stress when hydrogen sulfide and water are present. Sulfide Stress Cracking can also be termed as a type of embrittlement of hydrogen, which takes place in localized hard zones and in hard steels in welding of susceptible materials while there is wet H2S present in the environment. Most often, SSC is found in alloys due to the restricted slip abilities in the BBC or body-centered cubic structure. Also, SSC is usually limited to hard steels with 22 or more units on the Rockwell C scale.
The cause for SSC is often the synergetic effects of high H2S concentration and high yield strength in the environment. Moreover, SSC is normally associated with welds. Atomic hydrogen gets diffused into steel causing embrittlement of the narrow tough zones, which are the heat-affected zones next to the welds. In portions where there is high tensile stress present (applied or residual), crack initiates, which lead to the propagation of crack perpendicular to the stress. 
SSC is prevented through controlling the levels of load or residual stress and hardness; by applying heat treatment after the weld; and by avoiding the source of hydrogen.

SSC Full Form: Super Star Cluster

Full Form of SSC refers to Super Star Cluster. It is a huge open cluster, which is considered as the forerunner of a globular cluster. In other words, Super Star Cluster refers to the group or cluster of thousands of young stars packed into an extremely small volume. They appear like a monster object and were considered to be present at a very far distance from our galaxy. However, recent strudels of the European astronomers using the ESO telescopes have uncovered facts that such clusters seem to appear within our Milky Way Galaxy.
The true nature of this giant mass of the cluster is yet to be unveiled fully, as it is hidden behind a huge cloud of gas and dust. This new SSC discovered in Milky Way is called ‘Westerlund 1” and astronomers are readying to probe its structure. Since SSCs highly packed with thousands of stars, even the most advanced astronomical tool and technology faces challenges to study or distinguish individual stars in the SSCs. Westerlund 1 has provided an opportunity to explore SSC in detail. 
Westerlund 1 is found in the Southern constellation and was first discovered by the Swedish astronomer Bengt Westerlund in 1961. He later became the director of ESO in Chile.

Full Form of SSC: Saian Supa Crew

SSC Full Form stands for Saian Supa Crew (Rap Group). It was a rap group from France, which comprises of 3 groups – OFX, Explicit Samourai, and the Simple Spirit. Saian Supa Crew was formed in the year 1997 and eventually separated in the year 2007. The separation happened after one of the leaders Leeroy Kesiah along eith Feniksi, left the group. The specialty of the crew was the production of musical style rap that had hints of reggai, chanting, zouk, dancehall, and raga. Other aspects, which formed an integral part of their music were classic disco and Beatboxing.
The themes of the SSC rap group varied from addressing drug issues, racism, relationships, suicide, as well as humor. The lyrics of their songs had both seriousness and humor, which was the key attraction to their fans. SSCs album X-raisons won the award of ‘Victoire de la musique’ in the year 2002. 
Meanwhile, the individual groups also released their solo albums. OFX made the start of releasing the first individual album ‘Roots’ in 2004, which was shortly followed by Explicit Samourai releasing theirs in 2005. Some of the popular discography creations of SSC group include; Da Stand Out; Hold-Up; KLR; etc. and popular music videos include; Y a; Raz de Maree; Angela; Jacko, A Demi Nue, etc.

SSC Full Form: Singapore Sports Council

Full Form of SSC refers to Singapore Sports Council. Currently known as Sport Singapore, the former Singapore Sports Council or SSC, is an independent board, which operates under the Ministry of Community Development Youth and Sports, Singapore. The main objective of SSC is to develop a culture of holistic sports in the nation. Founded in 1973, SSC through the collaboration of NSPB or National Sports Promotion Board and NSC or National Stadium Corporation, SSC creates venues for people to specialize in the field of sports. The council achieves its objectives by helping people engage as officials, coaches, fans, and volunteers. It also supports people who wish to have business in the sports field as investors or sponsors.
SSC has hugely contributed to changing the entire perspective of Singaporeans towards sports, which in turn has boosted the identity of the nation. It’s all about empowering people to have a better life through sports. The SSC board comprises of highly qualified members with core values of teamwork, passion for sports, and adequate care for people to serve the community through sports. There is a huge list of recreation and sports centers all over Singapore, which are managed by the Singapore Sports Council.

Full Form of SSC: Stennis Space Center

SSC Full Form stands for Stennis Space Center. It is a rocket testing facility for NASA. The John C. Stennis Space Center – SSC – is located in Mississippi, in the banks of Pearl River at the border of Louisiana. Currently, it is the biggest rocket engine testing facility of NASA. More than 30 states, local, national, private, public, international agencies and companies use SSC for their needs of rocket testing.
On October 25, 1961, NASA announced the test facility in Mississippi, for testing the engines for Apollo mission. NASA entrusted the challenge of procuring land to the Army Corps of Engineers. The land had to be acquired through a perpetual easement or direct purchase. 
Finally, the selected land at Mississippi was about 13,500 acres or 55 sq. km. Later in 1965, the RPTC or Rocket Propulsion Test Complex was built, which played a significant role in developing the Saturn V rocket. Later the test stands A-1 and A-2 were built in order to flight-certify and test the second stage of Saturn V as well as the launch vehicle of the Apollo Program. 
These two stands are made of concrete and steel structure that looks similar to a height of 200m. They can withstand over 6000 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and 1million pound of load. Currently, Stennis Space Center is equipped to test the next-generation rocket engines for Orbital Science Corp.

SSC Full Form: South Sea Company

Full Form of SSC refers to the South Sea Company. SSC or South Sea Company is a British stock company, which was founded in 1711. Officially, it is the company of merchants and Governor of Great Britain, trading to parts of America and South Seas to encourage fishing. It is a partnership between the public and private in order to reduce and consolidate national debt cost. SSC received a monopoly in order to trade with South America. 
SSC was a great supporter and promoter of the Bubble Act of 1720, which was against the creation of stock companies with joint ventures without a royal charter. This in itself leads to the collapse of the company, which impacted a huge number of people and in turn the national economy.
The SSC bubble was a very complex event, which was the resultant of intersecting legal, financial, cultural, and political factors. Though the company was not successful in the South Sea Trade, it effectively persuaded the government of Britain to modify portions of National debt into the company shares. Apparently, the parliament authorized the company to assume a portion of the debt. After the Bubble act, investor confidence drastically waned and with the various ‘sell-off’, the company collapsed sooner than expected.

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