What is the Full Form of MLA-Abbreviations with Full Form

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What is the Full Form of MLA

MLA Full Form

What is the Full Form of MLA :

Member of Legislative Assembly (or)

Modern Language Association

Additional Information: MLA Full Form

MLA Full-Form represents two  terms which are used very commonly all over the world:

  1. Member of Legislative Assembly is one of the full forms of MLA and this member is a representative who is elected by various voters of a particular electoral district. He is one of the important members of the legislative assembly who debates on various issues associated with the development of the constituency he is in. At times, even the chief minister of a state can continue to hold the responsibilities or position of an MLA and hence the role of an MLA could be more than one.

What is the Full Form of MLA

  1. The second term that represents MLA full form is the Modern Language Association or MLA style. This is the most commonly followed style that aims to strengthen the teaching and study of literature and language. The MLA style is Internationally recognized in the USA as well as all over the globe including Japan, India, China, Taiwan, etc. It is also used at all levels of grades in schools and colleges as well as established magazines, journalists, newsletters, presses, etc., full forms,full form,important full forms,full forms of words,full forms of,full forms of important words,full form of india,gk full form,full form of,acsr full form,gk full forms,full form of cid,tft full forms,nda full forms,lte full forms,imp full forms,tech full forms,mbbs full forms,bike full forms,
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