Full Form of IAS - Abbreviations with Full Form

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Full Form of IAS - Abbreviations with Full Form

IAS Full Form

Full Form of IAS :

Indian Administrative Service

Additional Information :

IAS Full Form is Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the leading administrative civil services in India. Officers with IAS, hold strategic and key positions in public-sector undertakings, states, as well as Union Governments. 

An IAS officer can be appointed as commissioner, collector, chief secretary, public sector head, cabinet secretary, and more. With extensive challenges and experience, an IAS officer has the power to bring a positive change in society., full forms,full form,important full forms,full forms of words,full forms of,full forms of important words,full form of india,gk full form,full form of,acsr full form,gk full forms,full form of cid,tft full forms,nda full forms,lte full forms,imp full forms,tech full forms,mbbs full forms,bike full forms,
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To become an IAS officer one has to clear the IAS or otherwise known as UPSC – Civil Service Exam, which comprises 3 steps – The Preliminary exam; Main Exam; and the Interview. 

It is quite a challenge and requires the right approach and attitude to acquire an IAS, as there is extreme competition among the best brains in the country. Each year more than 600,000 candidates take this exam out of which only 200 – 250 would be recruited.

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