What is the Full Form of ATM, Additional Information of the full form of ATM

full form of atm in banking

What is the Full Form of ATM
What is the Full Form of ATM

What is the Full Form of ATM :

Automated Teller Machine

Additional Information of the full form of ATM

ATM Full Form is an Automated Teller Machine. It is a computerized machine placed by the local banks in various places of a city or town to enable customers to access their accounts and perform certain banking operations.

Definition of ATM:

ATM is an electronic device that enables customers of financial institutions to perform certain basic financial transactions like cash withdrawal without the aid of a cashier or clerk.

Types of ATM :

There are two types of ATM machines:
  • Basic unit:  It allows only to withdraw cash and get the reports of your account balance.
  • Improved or complex unit: It lets you perform all other tasks such as paying bills, transferring money, making deposits, etc.

How ATM identifies customers?

The most important tool required to operate an ATM is a debit card or credit card from the respective banks. These debit or credit cards have magnetic stripes, Card Verification Value (CVV) code and unique card numbers specific to each customer. With the help of these three factors, ATM can identify each customer. However, the authentication to perform any transaction is to be given by the customer with his or her Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Parts of ATM:

ATM consists of the following parts:

Input Units:

Card Reader: The card reader of ATM captures the account information of customers when the magnetic stripe on the backside of the card is swiped or pressed.
Keypad: Keypad enables customers to enter details like PIN, type of withdrawal, balance inquiry, etc.

Output Units:

Display Screen: It displays the communication between the ATM and the customer. You can see the question asked by the ATM and the input provided by the user displayed on the screen during each step of the transaction.
Cash dispenser: Cash dispenser is the one which gives you money after completing all the verification process.
Receipt printer: This gives you the receipt of your transaction. The receipt may contain information like amount withdrawn, date and time of transaction and balance amount in your account.

How does ATM Work?

When the customer enters PIN, the account information is sent to the host processor. The host processor is a gateway through which various ATMs are networked. So the host processor sends those account information to a particular bank in which the customer has his or her account. If all the details are correct, then the amount requested by the customer is electronically transferred (i.e. electronic fund transfer) from the customers’ account to the host processor account. Finally, the host processor sends an approval code to the particular ATM machine to complete the transaction.

Uses of ATM:

The primary function of an ATM is to enable cash withdrawal without the need for human assistance. However, they have evolved into a system to help customers to perform various bank-related functions. Some of them are listed below.

  • ATM Helps you to pay bills like electricity bills, phone bills, taxes, etc.
  • You can print bank statements and update passbooks.
  • You can transfer money from one account to the other. Money transfer can also be done between linked accounts. For example, money can be transferred from checking account to savings account.
  • You can pay the credit bills through ATMs.

ATM Full Form: Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Full Form of ATM refers to Asynchronous Transfer Mode. It is a concept used in the telecommunications field for carrying user traffic which includes voice, video signals, and data. This concept was defined by International Telecommunication Union (shortly known as ITU) and the American National Standards Institute (shortly known as ANSI). 
It was basically designed for networks that should handle high-throughput data traffic such as files and also low latency contents like voice and videos. ATM encodes data into small-sized pockets which are called cells. These cells are also known as ISO-OSI frames. These frames are having a fixed length of 53 octets or 53 bytes.
ATM was so popular among computer manufacturers and telephone companies in the 1990s. Particularly, FORE Systems was more focused on delivering ATM products while companies like Cisco Systems provided it as one of the options. In 2005, ATM Forum which was promoting the ATM technology till then had merged with other forums and became the popular Broadband Forum.

Wireless ATM:

In Mobile ATM or Wireless ATM, the transmission of cells takes place between base stations and mobile terminals. Mobility functions are executed in the crossover switch which is considered to be the core network of the ATM. It has high bandwidth and all the high-speed handoffs are done at Layer 2. NEC Corporation’s Research Labs and Bell Labs worked very actively in this technology in the early 1990s.

Full Form of ATM: Air traffic management

ATM Full Form can refer to Air Traffic Management. This term is used in the aviation industry that encompasses all the systems assisting aircraft to depart from the aerodrome to transit airspace and land safely at the destination aerodrome. It includes various activities such as Air Traffic Control, Air Navigation Systems, Air Traffic Services, Air Space Management, Air Traffic Flow Management, etc…

ATM Full Form: Adobe Type Manager

Full Form of ATM may also refer to Adobe Type Manager. It is a set of computer programs marketed by the software giant Adobe Systems. These programs are to be used with the Adobe Type 1 fonts. ATM was originally created for the Apple Macintosh platform which was used to scale the type 1 fonts that would appear smooth on the computer monitor. 
In 1996, the original ATM name was changed to ATM Light and ATM became font management software known as ATM Deluxe. ATM Deluxe had more functions than ATM Light which helps to scan the document for possible duplicate fonts, activating and deactivating fonts, viewing font samples, etc… However, Adobe ceased developing ATM Deluxe when Apple moved to the Mac Operating System.

Full Form of ATM: Association of Teachers of Mathematics

ATM Full Form can be the Association of Teachers of Mathematics. It is a kind of a professional organization which strives for mathematical education development. Founded by Dr. Caleb Gattegno in 1950, ATM focuses on how mathematics can be learned in a more enjoyable way. It is a membership association and anyone who has an interest in mathematics can become a member. Presently it has over 4000 members who are teachers working in primary schools and secondary schools.

ATM Full Form: A Thousand Miles

Full Form of ATM might refer to A Thousand Miles. It is a pop song written and sung by American singer Vanessa Carlton and produced by Ron Fair and Curtis Schweitzer. It was recorded for the album named “Be Not Nobody” which was released as single in 2002. Being the signature song of Vanessa Carlton, it became the most popular song for the year 2002. In fact, it still remains the biggest hit for her and featured in the “Billboard Hot 100” a record chart for singles in the United States.

Full Form of ATM: Anything That Moves

ATM Full Form may be Anything That Moves. It was a popular magazine published in the USA between 1990 and 2002. ATM was a topical magazine published by Bay Area Bisexual Network which covered literary and journalism. The magazine had a mission of redefining the concepts of gender and sexuality to defy the stereotype definitions of bisexuals.

ATM Full Form: Army Ten-Miler

Full Form of ATM can also be Army Ten-Miler. It is the 2nd largest ten-mile race (16 km) in the USA which is typically held every year in the month of October. The sponsor of this race is the United States Army Military District of Washington. Few fitness officials of Army Headquarters in Pentagon started this race in 1958. Subsequently, it was taken over by the Military District and managed by professional staff.

Popular Full Form of ATM :

ATM Full Form
Field of Application
Automated Teller Machine
Banking Sector
At The Moment
Internet Slang
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Apollo Telescope Mount
Space Science
Amateur Telescope Maker
Automatic Timing Mechanism
American Time Machine
Alien Training Module
Science Fiction
Automated Token Machine
Anti-Tactical Missile
Anti-Tank Missile
Army Ten-Miler
Air Target Material
Automated Telephone Manager
Acrylic Tank Manufacturing
Manufacturing Sector
Any Time Money
Funny Expansion
Another Twenty Missing
Funny Expansion
All The Madness
Funny Expansion
A Tragic Mistake
Funny Expansion
A Tremendous Migraine
Funny Expansion
Another Terrible Mistake
Funny Expansion
A Tragic Mess
Funny Expansion
Annoying Tiny Messages
Internet Slang
Adobe Type Manager
Computer Program
All Time Murder
Automatic Touchdown Machine
Football Slang
According to Me
Internet Slang
Amateur telescope making
It is a hobby
Around The Moon
Science Fiction
Anything That Moves
At the Movies
Musical Album
A Thousand Miles
Musical Album
Addicted to Music
Musical Album
Association of Teachers of Mathematics
Awareness Through Movement
Air Traffic Management

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