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Full Form of NCR
Full Form of NCR


Full Form of NCR :

National Capital Region

NCR Full Form is National Capital Region. It is the name of the metropolitan area that covers the complete territory of the National Capital of India – Delhi.

This not only includes the Delhi metro regions but also includes the urban surroundings that belong to UP, Haryana, and Rajasthan. NCR is popular because it is the largest cluster in India as well as in the world and has a population of more than 2.17 crore.

The NCRPB or NCR planning board was formed in 1985 with the main motive of expanding the city in order to dilute the population to the neighboring regions and protect the infrastructure of the city. Thus, the NCR constitutes 20 districts which include the territory of Delhi and the neighboring states of Rajasthan, UP, and Haryana.

NCR Full Form: North Central Railway

Full Form of NCR stands for North Central Railway. It is often called as the ‘workhorse’ of the Indian Railways. It spreads across 3 divisions namely; Jhansi, Allahabad, and Agra. It spreads between Ghaziabad in the north and Mughalsarai in the east on the trunk route of New Delhi Howrah. 
NCR is also referred to as the ‘heartbeat’ of Indian Railways and it spans over various parts of Haryana, UP, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan to over 3062km. It predominantly comprises of double line sections, which are electrified and defines the diagonals and sides of the Golden Quadrilateral. NCR is one of the 17 railway zones in India. Kanpur Central is the largest railway station in the NCR zone.
To take a look at the history, NCR, in its current form, was established in April 2003. NCR has two workshops. The first one is the Rail Spring Karkhana, Sithouli, which takes care of the manufacturing of the stock springs and locomotive springs. The second one is the Wagon Repair Workshop in Jhansi, which takes care of the repairs of wagon stocks of the Indian Railways. The North Central Railway also has an electric locomotive shed. Overall, NCR has around 69,000 staff working for it.

Full Form of NCR: National Catholic Reporter

NCR Full Form stands for National Catholic Reporter (Newspaper). Founded in 1964, National Catholic Reporter or NCR started as a newspaper but is currently a web and print news source. It stands as an independent journalist publishing channel for Catholics and people who suffer from complicated social and moral issues. Around 23% of the population in the U.S. is Catholics, which amounts to it being the vast majority in the country. NCR is a significant means that provide avenues of expression in various perspectives thereby promoting respect and tolerance for diverse ideas.
Though NCR deals with a huge amount of reports that deal with issues of the Catholic Church, it is a religious source with various aspects of worldly interest including social, religious, and relationship issues that shape public institutions and policies. It is committed to shaping the world with the dignity of the individual human being irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, or other characteristics.
The news media operates with the core values that focus on social justice, human dignity, inclusiveness, excellence, and care for all creations. In essence, NCR connects the Catholics with Church, faith and common good through independent analysis, news, and spiritual reflection.

NCR Full Form: NCR Corporation

Full Form of NCR refers to NCR Corporation. National Cash Register or NCR Corporation is a computer software, hardware, and electronics company in the United States. The company manufactures and markets services and products to customers around the globe, which enables business models to interact, transact, and connect with each other. The main products of the company include terminals, kiosks, automated teller machines, barcode scanners, check processing systems, and business consumables. The company also offers maintenance support for IT companies.
James Ritty invented the first mechanical cash register for which NCR established a manufacturing and marketing unit called National Manufacturing Company, in Dayton, Ohio. Further, in 1884, the brothers- Frank Jefferson Patterson and John Henry Patterson bought the patents of the machine. They then renamed their company like National Cash Register Company, which became the first modern company in America that introduced various aggressive marketing methods and unique business techniques.
NCR soon attained its multinational status in 1888 and branched out to have several small units of Cash Register Companies by 1906. Unfortunately, in 1912, NCR was identified for violating ‘Sherman Antitrust Act’ and the Patterson brothers along with other executives were convicted for practicing illegal sales practices. In 1925, NCR went public after the death of John Patterson in 1922. Currently, NCR is a global tech company, which helps customers to respond to the diverse demands and have an easy, fast, and convenient transaction experience.

Full Form of NCR: Numeric Character Reference

NCR Full Form refers to Numeric Character Reference. NCR is a markup construct, which is used in SGML and derived markup languages like XML and HTML. To simply put, NCR is a type of format for HTML. It is comprised of four parts namely; the opening; the number sign; the numeric reference; and the closing. To explain in detail, while working with XML or HTML, you would have come across special symbols and characters, which are supported in that markup.
NCR comprises of short-chain of characters, which represent a single character. For instance, to display the symbol of copyright in the browser, you will enter ‘©’. The way this operates is, The ‘&’ symbol opens the tag; the ‘#’ symbol initiates numeric character, and ‘169’ references the symbol; while the ‘;’ semicolon closes the tag.
Though NCR is not very simple to work as a character entity, there is a wide selection of characters and symbols that are there to work with. There are hundreds of special characters and symbols, which can be applied in individual pages. However, it is impossible to memorize all corresponding numeric values and hence it is ideal to maintain a chart for the same.

NCR Full Form: North Circular Road

Full Form of NCR stands for North Circular Road. Officially known as A406, the North Circular Road is 25.7 miles long bypass road, which lies in Central London in England. It runs between Woolwich in the east and Chiswick in the west and connects various suburbs including Willesden, Ealing, Southgate, Wembley, Woodford, Tottenham, Barking, etc. The main objective of NCR is to connect the industrial communities in the locality and to bypass London. NCR was built during the 1920s and 30s and enjoyed several significant upgrades after World Ware II.
The design of the road varies from dual carriageway to six-lane to urban streets. However, the urban streets happen to be the bottlenecks for the flow of traffic, as there is heavy congestion of traffic and thereby are featured in the local reports related to traffic. NCR also has a huge range of standards and styles of junctions, which connect to other roads.
The North Circular Road has had substantial investment made in it than its counterpart – the South Circular Road. NCR might have alternative names in certain points, it is in general referred to as NCR for planning purposes. Some of the significant parts of the routes include; Gunnersbury Avenue; Hanger Lane; Southgate; Woodford; etc.

Full Form of NCR: Niles Canyon Railway

NCR Full Form stands for Niles Canyon Railway. It is a heritage railway, which runs through the Niles Canyon, which lies between Niles district of Fremont and Sunol, San Francisco, United States. Niles Canyon Railway has been listed as the Niles Canyon Transcontinental Railroad of Historic Places, in the National Register of Historic Places. It is the first one if its kind to be constructed in the 1860s and was the first railroad, which connected the entire nation with San Francisco Bay.
During the time it was built, NCR was the prime route for land traffic from and to San Francisco Bay. The Pacific Locomotive Association or PLA had an agreement with the country and started rebuilding the rail in 1987 and volunteers from the association worked to reconstruct the rail between Brightside and Sunol. Further, in May 1988, PLA brought back the passenger operations in Niles Canyon. Currently, NCR offers train rides to the public throughout the year between Niles in Fremont and Sunol – California.
The Pacific Locomotive Association Inc. operates NCR as the living history museum and interprets the significance of heritage railroads in the growth of California as well as the nation. The main objective is to preserve its originality of the atmosphere and physical aspects of the periods between 1910 and 1960.

NCR Full Form: National Culinary Review

Full Form of NCR refers to National Culinary Review (American culinary federation). As the name implies, the National Culinary Review is a culinary magazine, which is considered to be one of the oldest food magazines in the U.S and is read by over 20,000 culinary professionals and chefs. It is highly appealing to the culinarians, as it has a range of insightful articles on drink, menu, recipes, professional and personal development, food trends, issues of lifestyle and management, and product applications. NCR was launched in 1932 and is the flagship publication of ACF or American Culinary Federation. Though it is offered for a paid subscriptions, it is free to all members of ACF.
In October 2015, NCR marked its 75th anniversary. Initially, it started off as a member-produced magazine with stories and articles by chefs. It had the history of ACF, which highlighted the changes that took place in the culinary field over the decades. Today, in spite of its high circulation, professional writers and editors, the focus still remains on the chronicles of the culinary world but also the latest trends in the food world, which inspire the budding chefs. Nevertheless, the standard of the magazine has only gone up with the years.

Full Form of NCR: New California Republic

NCR Full Form stands for the New California Republic. It is the Federal Presidential Republic, which was founded in New California. The New California Republic comprised of few neighboring states, and few holdings and territories in the pre-war regions of Arizona, Nevada, parts of Mexico, and Oregon. NCR dictates to the values of the ancient world like liberty, democracy, rule of the law, etc. to utilize and develop the wastelands. However, though NCR is a huge governmental body of the Fallout Universe, in recent years, the policies have posed certain difficulties to it.
The history dates back to the Vault 15 survivors, who emerged out of the shelter and discovered the ‘Shady Sands’ town. Theoretically, NCR stands for progress and the citizens of NCR seem to enjoy a stable economy, laws, a legitimate government, and healthcare, along with the largest military. NCR has a diverse mix of individuals from merchants to frontier settlers to ranchers and farmers.
The power of the economy was one of the major factors of the transformation of NCR. However, survival is no more a major concern and hence free of charge services are now an exception. Skilled workers from surgeons to tailors are routinely charging for the services they provide. NCR also prohibits discrimination and persecution on the basis of ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexuality.

NCR Full Form: Neurocranial Restructuring

Full Form of NCR stands for Neurocranial Restructuring. It is a process of manipulation, which is used to bring back the body to its optimal and original design. Neuro Cranial Restructuring utilizes very careful analysis of the proprioception of the body, which is nothing but the patterns of balance in the body. NCR, by using the proprioception, is said to determine the exact areas of the human skull, which are to be unlocked in order to unwind the body. This unlocking, enables the connective tissues including meningeal system, to release and relax the residual tensions. This, in turn, enables the incremental movement of the bony structures to its original design.
NCR is used to treat a huge list of ailments in the body including Alzheimer’s, nervousness, anxiety, autism, depression, muscle spasms, phobias, strokes, insomnia, migraines, headaches, osteoporosis, and various other bodily disorders. The actual procedure involves endo-nasal balloons being inserted through the nose and gently taken to the top layer of the throat through the appropriate passage way. The balloon is pumped with air with the help of an inflating bulb until it puffs up to the required level in the nostril. With the increased pressure in the balloon forces itself to the throat and at this very instant, the bony joints in the head are opened momentarily, thereby releasing the tension in the tissues.

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