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Full Form of BPO
Full Form of BPO

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Full Form of BPO :

Business Process Outsourcing

BPO Full Form is Business Process Outsourcing. BPO is a practice that refers to the procedure of companies and businesses giving contracts to a third party in order to perform particular tasks or processes on their behalf.

BPO can be divided into two types – front office and back office. A back-office process might involve outsourcing logistics, billing, HR, payroll, etc. Front office outsource includes customer service, technical support, advertising, marketing, etc

There could be various reasons why companies opt to use BPO services. It could be to cut down the cost or due to the mere fact that they do not have a particular field of expertise for which they outsource specific tasks. Some of the segments of BPO include:
  • ITES-BPO – Information Technology Enabled Service
  • KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  • LPO – Legal Process Outsourcing
The Philippines recently surpassed India in 2010 and became the largest BPO industry in the globe.

Full Form of BPO: Business Process Optimization

BPO Full Form refers to Business Process Optimization. Every business process involves in a series of events, which it goes through in order to accomplish an activity or task. Business Process Optimization comprises of modeling, designing, executing, as well as monitoring every process involved in the business. Each of these steps contributes to the growth of the business and supporting activities. The ultimate aim is to utilize fewer resources and maximize productivity.

BPO begins with designing of a process, bearing in mind the prime goal of every business activity. Based on the goals, companies set operating standards, identify bottlenecks, and create a workflow by eliminating bottlenecks to prevent future shocks. Companies make use of standard benchmarks of the industry; financial ratios; comparison of reports to prior reports; etc. to improve the working condition and ensure BPO adds value to the growth of the company.

BPO Full Form: Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra

Full Form of BPO stands for Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra. It is a community orchestra, which has its base in Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra performs a huge range of chamber and orchestral music works. Each year BPO offers numerous concerts in popular venues like Queensland Performing Arts Center; Brisbane City Hall; St. Stephen’s Cathedral; Old Museum Building; etc. The team also takes regional annual tours all over Queensland.
BPO was formed in the year 1999. Initially, it had 18 musicians, which is currently up to 75 members. The ensemble won the National Orchestra Awards in 2005 and happened to be the first community orchestra in Queensland to have received such an award. The team also participated in several music festivals and is a regular participant of the Brisbane Festival as well as the Queensland Music Festival. The orchestra has been a significant contributor to the largest classical music festival of Australia, which is the 4MBS festival.

Full Form of BPO: Broker Price Opinion

BPO Full Form refers to Broker Price Opinion. It is the value of a property estimated by an agent or an individual, real estate broker, or a broking firm. The Broker Price Opinion is purely based on the features of the property involved and the market value. A broker or agent takes into account various factors while determining or providing an opinion on property pricing. The factors include; local market trend; the value of the property amidst similar properties that surround it; the cost of repairs required; etc. Most often people confuse BPO with an appraisal.
The needs for BPO are many; and some of them include; pending foreclosures; short sales; refinancing; cancellation of mortgage insurance; etc. The process involves hiring a broker or real estate agent to prepare a BPO report on the required property. The agent performs the investigation taking into account various factors that influence the property price. There are two types of BPO – an interior BPO and a drive-by BPO.

BPO Full Form: Benzoyl Peroxide

Full Form of BPO stands for Benzoyl Peroxide. Also known in the brand names Benzac AC, Benoxy; Bezac W; Fostex, etc., Benzoyl Peroxide or BPO is an organic compound that belongs to the peroxide family. It is comprised of two groups of benzoyl, bridged by the peroxide link. It is a very important organic compound in terms of the scale of production as well as application.
Benzoyl Peroxide is in the list of essential medicines of the World Health Organization, as it plays a significant role in the basic health system. It is used as a bleaching agent for teeth, flour, hair, and is an important ingredient in acne treatments. It is also an essential ingredient in the topical cleansing bar or liquid; gel; cream; etc.

Full Form of BPO: Boston Pops Orchestra

BPO Full Form refers to Boston Pops Orchestra. It is an American Orchestra, which has its base in Boston, Massachusetts. The orchestra specializes in popular and light classical music. Boston Pops Orchestra was established in 1885. However, the earlier form of BPO is BSO or Boston Symphony Orchestra. The ensemble performs a holiday program during December and popular music during spring. The team also performs a concert every year on July 4, at the Hatch Shell, Esplanade.

The BPO is popular for its best music of past and present, which appeals to a wide range of audiences and a huge spectrum of styles, as the music ranges from indie rock to jazz to big band, to film music, to pop, and more. It makes the perfect ensemble for people to discover their joy and passion for music.

BPO Full Form: Baltic Ports Organization

Full Form of BPO stands for Baltic Ports Organization. It is a group of more than 40 most important ports in the 9 countries that surround the Baltic Sea. Baltic Ports Organization was founded in the year 1991 in Copenhagen. It was after the demise of the Soviet Union and Berlin wall collapse, in order to facilitate the co-operation among the ports and to enhance the possibilities of shipping in the sea.

The prime objective of BPO is to boost the effectiveness of maritime transport in the Baltic area, by enhancing the ports’ efficiency and through the marketing of the Baltic regions as a strategic center for logistics. Other objectives include; good environmental behavior; improving the co-operation with operators and users of the ports and authorities; etc. It is currently one of the world’s fastest-growing and most significant markets with the main focus being the member ports.

Full Form of BPO: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

BPO Full Form refers to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. As the name indicates, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is an ensemble based in Berlin, Germany. It is one of the best bands in the world. Earlier it was Berliner Philharmonisches Orchester with the concert venue in Philharmonie. It was founded by 54 musicians in the year 1882. 

The group disintegrated from the former conductor Benjamin Bilse. Later, it was reorganized and renamed under Hermann Wolff’s financial management, in the year 1882.

The first Philharmonie was destroyed by the British bombers in 1944 after which the orchestra played in Staatsoper, Unter den Linden until it was destroyed in 1944. 

However, since 1987 Berliner Philharmonie has been the home and symbol for the band. Recently, in December 2008, the band declared official creation of their Digital Concert Hall, which enables people from all over the world to have access to the hall and the concerts through computers.

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BPO Full Form

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British Portfolio TrustBusiness
Bankers' Pay OrderBanking
Basic Post flight OperationsMilitary
Blood Program OfficeMilitary
Border Patrol OfficerMilitary
Boss Playa OrganizationGaming
Buffalo Philharmonic OrchestraMusic
Boston Pops OrchestraMusic
Berlin Philharmonic OrchestraMusic
Branch if Power OffComputer Program
British Post OfficeBritish Telecom
Barracks Petty OfficerUS Navy Term
Business and Partnership OfficeUS Navy Term
Banque Populaire OccitaneFrench bank
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