Full form of PCS in Computer, What is the full Form of PCS?

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Full form of PCS in Computer, What is the full Form of PCS? 

Full form of PCS in Computer

PCS Full Form

Full Form of PCS :

Personal Communication Service

Additional Information :

PCS Full-Form refers to Personal Communication Service, which is almost the same as cellular phone service. PCS is also a wireless service but with special features that emphasize extended mobility and personal service. 

It can also be termed as ‘digital cellular’ and requires several antennas for coverage network. When a person using PCS moves around, the signal is received from the nearest antenna in that locality. This is then forwarded to the base station, which in turn is connected through a wired network., full forms,full form,important full forms,full forms of words,full forms of,full forms of important words,full form of india,gk full form,full form of,acsr full form,gk full forms,full form of cid,tft full forms,nda full forms,lte full forms,imp full forms,tech full forms,mbbs full forms,bike full forms,
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What is the full form of PCS?

PCS offers a good combination that includes terminal mobility, service profile management, as well as personal mobility. 

In fact, it offers the best features of both digital and analog phone systems. It is also found to be a very cost-effective solution that creates an informal environment for communication.

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