IDBI Full Form, Full Form of IDBI

Full Form of IDBI
Full Form of IDBI 

IDBI Full Form

Full Form of IDBI :

Industrial Development Bank of India

Additional Information :

IDBI Full Form refers to Industrial Development Bank of India. It is a financial service company belongs to the Govt. of India and has its headquarters in Mumbai. IDBI has been one of the best and leading banks of the Indian Government which is also said to be the 10th largest bank in the world. IDBI has been considered to have good reach as it has around 3000 ATMs and 1746 branches (one branch in Dubai), more than 1285 centers (including 2 overseas centers in Beijing and Singapore) across India.

IDBI was established as a subsidiary of the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) in 1964 .Though it was established for developmental services, later it was converted into a commercial bank under the chairmanship of S.H.Khan who supported for the harmonization of developmental banking and commercial banking in India. Thus IDBI obtained ‘Ltd’ status. Later it rescued the United Western Bank Satara and acquired the same in 2006 which contributed to the exponential increase in the number of branches of IDBI.