Full Form of MCA, Full Details of the full form of MCA

Full Form of MCA   Full Detils of the full form of  MCA
Full Form of MCA   Full Detils of the full form of  MCA

MCA Full Form

Full Form of MCA :

Master of Computer Application (or) Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Additional Information :

MCA Full FormMaster of Computer Application.

MCA is a post-graduate course in computer application. This course is usually pursued after the completion of BCA, which is the bachelor’s degree in computer application. Even candidates with other graduate degrees with relevant subjects like mathematics and computer science from an accredited university are eligible for MCA.

To be more specific, MCA is a 3-years course with 6 semesters. The final semester is dedicated to project development and on-job training. The course is also designed to match the requirements of IT companies. Some of the key subjects in MCA include operating systems, networking operations, data base management system, operation research, object oriented programming, multimedia and business administration.

MCA Full FormMinistry of Corporate Affairs

Ministry of Corporate Affairs is a ministry under the Union Government of India. It regulates various corporate affairs through company acts 1956 and 2013 & other related bills, rules and acts. MCA also offers several important services for stakeholders along with appropriate protection. In fact, it is responsible for the regulation of enterprises in India both service and industrial sectors.

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