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Full Form of B.Tech :

Bachelor of Technology

BTech Full Form is a Bachelor of Technology. It is a 4-year undergraduate degree offered in various universities and colleges in India. It takes 4 years because of the internships or supervised practice that is offered as a part of it. A student who has completed his or her 12th-grade exam is eligible to apply for B.Tech. However, there is a minimum requirement of score every college set based on various factors. Even students who have completed a 3-year Diploma after 10th grade is eligible to apply for B.Tech.

B Tech Full Form in English - Additional Information:

B. Tech is offered in almost all branches of studies including; Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, etc. After the successful completion of the B.Tech course, a candidate can either opt to work with companies in the relevant field of the course or choose to proceed with higher studies like M Tech (Master of Technology) or MBA (Master of Business Administration).
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